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sidney gish

sonya alfano
sidney gish

“two-faced bitches never lie; and therefore, i, never lie”

is a line that has stuck with me since discovering sidney gish’s music. her loop-pedal-infused tracks are mesmerizing, witty, and catchy. back in april i had the opportunity to interview gish about music, other forms of art, school, and, of course, coffee. read below.

1. how did you get into music?

I liked to play around on a Casio keyboard when I was a kid, and I was into learning all the different sound effects. Mainly I didn't have the attention span to stick to lessons, so I just liked to google everything I was curious about. Once I got a Macbook and I could layer instruments on top of each other in Garageband, I started experimenting with that a lot as well

2. if you weren't doing music, what would you be doing?

If I wasn't making music, I would probably want to work at a label. I also enjoy writing and drawing, so I'd probably be doing some other creative thing as well.

3. how do you balance school and music?

I literally don't lmaooooo, I had to withdraw from 3 classes this semester. I thought that with enough pressure from myself, I would be able to essentially tour for a month while taking a full course load, but I was totally wrong. I have a more realistic view of what I can accomplish now than I did at the beginning of the year, and I'm trying to creatively factor my limits into my approach moving forward

4. are there any songs you want to cover?

There are a ton! I'd like to get more into making covers. The first one off the top of my head is "I'm The Man, That Will Find You" by Connan Mockasin

5. who are some of your favorite artists? who are those who have influenced you?

I like listening to a bunch of artists through playlists, but some of my favorites in recent years are Colleen Green, Laura Nyro, The Internet, and Dismemberment Plan

6. are there any other forms of art you're interested in?

I love writing and drawing cartoons!

7. favorite song to perform live?

"Not But For You, Bunny" is fun since I usually yell at the end, and it's also usually the last song in my set. So whenever I get to the end of it where the loop stops, it feels like a credits sequence haha

8. favorite venue to perform at thus far?

I really liked performing at First Unitarian Church in Philly! The show was in an auditorium type space and everyone was really energetic, and the green room was a small chapel, which was wildly funny and very cool

9. how do you take your coffee (if you drink it)?

iced with almond milk and splenda :~)

i think splenda is bad for you but it tastes good and dissolves easily

10. any goals/bucket list things for 2019?

re-do the saved tracks on my loop pedal so that the drums don't come out of an amp anymore!