by olivia callicoat.

the work that i create is representational of my life thus far, and each work is based off of specific emotions and experiences that have shaped me into the person i am today. i’ll have a memory of an experience, or a feeling swirling around in my head, and for years these things have amounted to physical form that is my artwork, making each individual piece a reliquary for a part of myself. my work is saturated with the energy expended constantly contemplating such personal things. the piece i leave of myself in the work is left behind for a reason. i do this sometimes to get over nostalgic things and grow up, sometimes to pay final tribute to a happy memory that will never recur, and mostly to give negative emotions and feelings a place to inhabit other than my mind. i still don’t fully understand some of the things that i pull from myself to create my work. i don’t think anyone is supposed to have everything figured out.

armor: various poisonous flowers as a layer of armor to her vulnerability.