about blood moon

blood moon magazine is the child of shower thoughts and a need for more. more freedom, more expression, more whatever-the-heck-you-want. after working for two magazines, founder sonya alfano found herself stuck in a creative rut every month, desperately looking for a spark to fabricate something, anything, that would fit the theme. this is not a place for that.

blood moon strives to allow the creators to cultivate and construct their own works without limitations. have a wild idea that got rejected? submit it here. have something you’re scared of posting due to judgment? submit it here. we would love to see your passion.

  • sonya alfano, founder

blood moon


the phenomenon whereby the moon in total eclipse appears reddish in color as it is illuminated by sunlight filtered and refracted by the earth's atmosphere.

(inspired by the legend of zelda: breath of the wild)



sonya alfano - founder

sonya is a new jersey native who enjoys vegan mac and cheese and streetlight manifesto. she is a photographer for lithium magazine and retrograde magazine, as well as her own freelance work. find her on instagram and her website.