Four good car utilization method in beauty of skin

four good car utilization method beauty of skin People who dislike the taste of the Min Min was water to substitute the hydration by drinking boiled the car. Drinking tea such as green tea and black tea with antioxidant, component that the anti-inflammatory action, also helps in preventing aging. The drink tea may also be […]

10 Colon cancer, and if you eat new double … ginger prevention

colon cancer in ’10, and if you eat new double … ginger prevention Allowed to inflammation decreased in the intestine According to the announcement of the Agriculture, Forestry and livestock food part, beef on the basis of 2013, pork, average meat consumption per capita of South Korea who had combined chicken had 42.7㎏. I mean […]

Myonji hospital, and Nepal emergency medical Guhodan dispatched’s first domestic to the 27th

Myonji hospital, in cooperation with Japan’s first Nepal emergency medical Guhodan dispatch Gimuinbyon car name Date professor such as opposite the hospital medical staff five people leaving the country … tree part in the 27th, the implementation of relief activities Myonji hospital was the first time Nepal Kathmandu earthquake site was dispatched emergency emergency medical […]

Inha hospital, health course of cardiovascular disease

html Mo-ban Inha hospital, health course Inha hospital is the 31st of cardiovascular disease celebrated the heart of the Sun, the implementation 9:30, in the hospital the third floor auditorium of the health course for the prevention of cardiovascular disease. to. This course is carried out in a theme, such as dietary management for ▲ […]

We know the main point growth plate of the key growth correctly

I know the main point growth plates the correctly html growth of model version key Growth of human is roughly divided into four stages according to the growing speed. Lifetime key is determined immediately by the growth phase. There is a need for management as the first critical time to adequate nutrition intake to determine […]

Jeju Peak goods 03 9; Shiroyama ozone lipid Trail open

Jeju Peak goods 03 9; Shiroyama ozone lipid Trail open Jeju Shiroyama ozone is a geological trail opening (Seogwipo = Yonhap News) Gimusunbomu reporter = World Natural Heritage Site by UNESCO, walk enjoying Jeju Seogwipo Shiroyama Ilchulbong of the world geological park and geological forms around its Shiroyama ozone geology trail is walking the peripheral […]